About Me

Daniel Johnson Jr.

I’m a Software Developer, Bioinformatician and Entrepreneur from Fayetteville, NC raised in Indian Head, MD.


My career began with opportunities to use my technical skills to solve biological and medical problems. In identifying my strengths and weaknesses, I’ve become intentional with how I spend my time and exfoliate the relationships I’ve developed. I’ve come to realize that I’m a problem solver. I do well with accepting challenges and seeking new opportunities to grow.


In engulfing myself in self development books and travel, I’ve been drawn to different cultures that connect diverse types of people on a more personal level. This inspired me to start my own tech company, BuzzHealth. I’ve learned through this entrepreneurial journey that I must develop a love for constant problem solving; relating to formulating the idea and releasing the product you must consistently iterate, fail, iterate, fail, and iterate in order to succeed.


I received my BA in Computer Science from Morehouse College and MS in Bioinformatics from UCLA.